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Introduction to Electrolysis

Hi! I’m Tracie Disher, the only nationally certified electrologist in Indiana. I have over twenty years experience freeing people of all ages and walks of life of their annoying, unwanted hair with electrolysis. The most sterile up-to-date procedures are used in my office.

Most men and women are affected by unwanted hair at some time in their lives, some more severely than others. Today’s health and fashion-conscious society has made the need to rid yourself of unwanted hair more desirable than ever.

Electrolysis can safely and permanently remove unwanted hair from:


The huge number of electrolysis alternatives constantly popping up on the market proves excess hair is a common annoyance. “In 2004, the U.S shaving and hair remover market stood at $3.2 billion and is projected to grow...” Many people waste precious time & money trying everything else, before they finally come to me. Electrolysis is the ONLY time tested permanent method of hair removal — accept no imitations.

Electrolysis is for everyone with any unwanted hair, whether it is a few hairs or a large area. Your first visit is a confidential consultation and evaluation with a free trial treatment. You are not pressured or obligated to continue any further treatments. If you have some unwanted hair, you have nothing to lose by learning more. See if electrolysis could be the answer for you.

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What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the only form of permanent hair removal to withstand the test of time. Electrolysis was first developed in 1875. Modern technology includes three modalities, all of which are permanent forms of hair removal. All three methods are commonly referred to as "electrolysis". I am proficient in all modalities of electrolysis.

I choose your modality by what I believe (based on my experience) will clear your unwanted hair most quickly. All methods use an extremely fine needle to administer a mild electrical current, permanently disabling the hairs' nourishment center. Each modality works slightly different, however with all of them, the hair should slide out of the follicle with no resistance.

Three modalities of "electrolysis" (electroepilation) defined...

  • Blend - the use of alternating current and direct current to permanently destroy the hair root; a blending of electrolysis and thermolysis; commonly referred to as electrolysis.
  • Electrolysis - single or multiple needle permanent removal using direct current to destroy the hair root. Direct current alone epilation is only practical with the modern multi-needle. All methods of electroepilation (electrolysis, thermolysis and the blend) are commonly referred to as electrolysis.
  • Thermolysis - the use of alternating current to permanently destroy the hair root; also referred to as high frequency, short wave, and commonly referred to as electrolysis.

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    Will It Hurt?

    I describe the sensation of electrolysis as: uncomfortable, yet tolerable; most people are pleasantly surprised. You do not feel the needle, you only feel the current. The tiny needle does not pierce the skin. It simply slides along the side of the hair into the follicle, creating no sensation.

    Being able to relax is the key to your tolerance. Fear of the unknown is your greatest enemy. I tell people when they come to Muncie Electrology Clinic, there is no such thing as a silly or stupid question. Everything I do has a purpose, the more you know the better off you are.

    I remove a few hairs during your consultation so you can feel the unique sensation of electrolysis first hand; again, most people are pleasantly surprised. You are the boss. I work closely with your pain tolerance. To put it simply, the more current you can stand, the faster I can permanently remove your unwanted hair.

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    How Will I Look ?

    How does the area look afterwards?

    You may have some slight redness and swelling for a short time after an electrolysis treatment. However, it is usually minimal. Many of the people I treat come to MEC on their lunch hour. A few people may have longer after effects.

    Body work will usually cause tiny, red pin point scabs, lasting up to two weeks. This is why most bikini lines are done during the fall and winter months.

    I use the blend on the face, which rarely causes any scabbing.

    I remove a few hairs during your complimentary consultation to test for any kind of skin reaction.

    I began my electrology career in 1985 working under the supervision of two Muncie dermatologists, Charles Bartholome, MD and Michael Crider, MD. I am very careful with your skin. Treatments can usually be adjusted to have minimal aftereffects.

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    The History of Electrolysis?

    Electrolysis was first developed in 1875 by Charles E. Michel, M.D. to remove ingrown eyelashes.

    Visit this history page to learn more about the long, safe, and successful history of electrolysis hair removal.

    Electrolysis - A Microscopic Viewpoint Brochure (PDF)

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